Our Services

From roof replacement and siding repair to gutters, windows, and doors, our Chicago contractors are here to make your home as good as new.


We provide the highest quality of restoration materials and installation through our subsidiary, Pro-Resto Roofing Inc. Our select manufacturers provided a wide variety of options and colors for virtually every type of roof!


Aluminum and vinyl siding are particularly susceptible to damage by hail and blowing debris. Pro-Resto Siding, Windows and Doors Inc, provides high-quality replacement options. Today's high-grade vinyl products provide a maintenance free figure for your home's exterior!


Gutters are one of the most important factors in your home's defense of the elements but can be easily damaged by high winds and hail. From traditional aluminum to copper half round, Pro-Resto Gutters Inc., makes sure your home is shedding water properly!

Skylights, Windows, & Doors

Aluminum window flashings are composed of a thin flashing style material and are susceptible to hail damage. Screens are also easily damaged by hail. Metal doors, especially garage doors, provide a large target. Pro-Resto inspects every window, screen, and door in our thorough 50-point inspection process.


Interior water damage doesn't need to be obvious to present an issue. Water entering through the roofing system can reside in your attic causing mold to form. Pro-Resto makes sure you're covered both outside and inside!

Claim Processing

Pro-Resto's Representatives are with you throughout the process from the initial evaluation, claim filing, adjuster meeting, building code upgrades, mortgage lender authorization, permitting, HOA approval, material selection, and final restoration. We're there to answer the tough questions, process the paperwork, and put in the time to bring your claim to a successful conclusion.