Storm Damage Repair

Storms can cause a lot of damage, we can help with repairs that suit you.

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Storm Damage Repair

Storms can cause a lot of damage to your property, sometimes particularly your roof depending on the type of weather you experienced. Hail, strong winds, and consistent rain are some of the biggest culprits of storm damage affecting roofing. It’s vital to know what to do after a storm hits, and perhaps most importantly, who to contact.

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Checking for Storm Damage

There are a few key things to look for after a storm if you suspect you have roof damage. Check for fallen or missing shingles in the roofing, metal flashing near chimneys, and your vents/piping for any obvious signs of storm-related damage. Leaking inside your home, particularly the attic, are sure ways to know that your roof has been damaged by a storm. This might not happen right away, depending on the total duration/severity of the storm, so keep an eye on leaks or water spots. Dents and holes can appear in siding and shingles after heavy hail storms, so pay attention to holes or rips as they will need fixing before any further damage occurs.

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Prevent Shingles Blowing Away

If your area is prone to big storms or even just heavy winds, it’s important to make sure your shingles stay intact. Maintaining strong shingles and replacing any that you notice start to break before they become an issue is key for minimizing the damage when a big storm hits. Shingles are more likely to blow away and cause even more damage when they’re misshapen, torn, or generally damaged in some way.

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Insurance Claims for Damaged Roofing

It is recommended to review your insurance policies and choose clauses that are suitable for the area you live in. If you live somewhere that is prone to heavy hail storms, ensure your insurance covers hail damage so you’re not facing unexpected costs when the inevitable happens.

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Keep Your Roof in Good Condition With Pro Restoration

Maintaining a good quality roofing system is vital for minimizing the damage you will see after a big storm. Pro Restoration can help fix any minor issues that happen, to prevent larger costs down the line when bigger damage occurs. If you’re unsure how often you need to keep an eye on your roof, contact us for a quote and our professionals can discuss your needs with you to determine an appropriate roof assessment schedule for you and your property.

We are happy to provide high-quality roof repair services so you can always feel confident that you’re in good hands, even when a big storm hits. Contact Pro Restoration to discuss how we can help you maintain and repair your roofing system today.

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